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FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers

is an innovative approach to the tasks of the clients, well-defined strategy,

unique thinking,

confidence in actions,

persistence in achieving the set goals and

success as a result



• Constant enrichment and expanding our professional horizons play a key role for us. We are permanent participants of various international forums and conferences, which allows us to stay in the know and follow the development trends of law and the world as a whole

• We are convinced that all cases are unique and special. Therefore, before developing the concept of action, we always thoroughly examine the essence of the matter

• In our work we strive to establish stable and trust relationships with every client, as being on top of issues allows us to quickly and efficiently tackle the tasks

• Dealing with every case we try to think outside the box, find new approaches and unusual solutions to the set tasks, which helps us to build an effective interaction chain with our clients and successfully develop


Privacy and confidentiality

Professional ethics is one of the key elements of our activity. We value our reputation and highly appreciate every client of the Company, therefore we strictly adhere to the principles of confidentiality not limited to any time frame


Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified lawyers, attorneys and patent attorneys who are well-versed in their field and have a unique experience in resolving extremely specialized tasks

Online project tracking

Our clients have the ability to monitor the status of the project online, be in touch with a lawyer and monitor project progress and bills

Network of reliable partners around the world

Thanks to the extensive network of reliable and trusted partners FjM provides legal support to its clients in the jurisdictions of other countries