Public Commercial Law

The active legal activity of FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers helps us to stay in the know of the clients’ needs and business tasks, get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible and make prompt and effective solutions in order to avoid risks.

Our experience allows us to provide legal support to clients in matters of commercial law not only in Russian but also in international projects.

Commercial practice of FjM London office is one of the core strengths of our company. The active exchange of experience between FjM offices allows our customers to receive high quality advice and relevant information on doing business in different industries and jurisdictions.

FjM lawyers support commercial transactions in Russia, England, Cyprus and other countries, prepare sophisticated commercial contracts, settle the structure of contractual relations, develop various contracts, agreements and inner corporate documents for companies doing business in the sphere of IT, crypto-business, banking, intellectual property, internet trading and many others.

Our services include:

1.    Negotiation, preparation and analysis of commercial contracts, closing of transactions

2.    Identification and analysis of commercial risks

3.    Legal due diligence of the company"s contractual base

4.    Structuring of contractual relations

5.    Preparation of contracts and state registration of the disposal of exclusive rights to intellectual property objects

6.    Licensing, certification

A contract represents the main type of transactions, it is an agreement between two or more persons on the establishment, variation and termination of civil rights and obligations.

What contracts does any company need?

Depending on the specifics of your business from the standard forms of contracts to the specialized treaties and agreements (investment, disposal of intellectual property rights, franchising, non-disclosure agreement, user agreement, white paper, privacy policy etc.)

Examples of basic documents for a company’s activity

Incorporation documents, set of corporate documents, HR documents and labor contracts, non-disclosure agreement.

Additional documents may be necessary depending on the specifics of the company’s activity, such as regulations on commercial secrets, licenses and permits, collective agreement, documents necessary for work with foreign employees, patents for inventions, agreements on royalties

Incorporation of a company in Russia with foreign participation

Russian legislation allows you to register companies with foreign participation in the manner usual for incorporation of a legal entity.

The standard set of documents also requires the following:

1. A document confirming the legal personality of a foreign legal entity (for example, an extract from the Register of Organizations of an authorized body in the corresponding state where the person is registered)

2. If the founder is a natural person, a document proving his/her identity is necessary to be provided

A number of documents is subject to notarization, apostilling or full legalization.

List of activities that require licenses 

Production of medicines, provision of telecommunication services, certain types of transportation, development, manufacture, distribution of encryption (cryptographic) facilities, educational activities, medical activities, pharmaceutical and private security activities etc.

What kinds of contracts are subject to state registration?

1. Agreements, the subject of which is the transfer of rights to real estate (sale and purchase agreement, deed of gift, lease agreement, exchange agreement)

2. Agreements for temporary use assignment (rent, pledge, free use)

3. Assignment of claims, transfer of debt, unwind agreement, i.e. additions to registered contracts

4. Transfer of rights, granting the right to use registered objects of intellectual property (invention, utility model, industrial design, trademark, computer program)

How can we help you?

FjM lawyers will ensure full functioning of a legal entity or group of entities, provide the corporate governance structure of the company, prepare any business agreement and other highly specialized types of contracts and agreements, conduct due diligence of the business, prepare by-laws of the company, analyze risks, provide interaction with state registration authorities and conduct negotiations with counterparties.