FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers – worldwide legal support of business of any scale

FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers focuses on corporate and commercial law, support of investment projects, national and international M&A transactions, intellectual property, data protection law, protection of assets, criminal law as well as settlement of disputes and corporate conflicts.

Depending on the nature, volume and requirements of your business, we always find a flexible approach to the provision of legal services from subscription services on support of the company’s business to legal advising and provision of opinions on certain legal issues, from preparation of standard forms of documents and contracts to the full due diligence of the company and assets, representation of interests in investment and other fundraising projects, arrangements between shareholders/members of the company, representation in corporate conflicts, protection of intellectual property and claims work.

FjM services for big business

FjM experts from different countries have an extensive experience of working on complex projects in various jurisdictions. Preparation and support of M&A transactions, sale and purchase of business, development of transaction structure including financing, management of the company"s intellectual property portfolio

FjM services for medium and small-sized business

FjM offers a full range of legal services for small and medium companies, which helps them to save the cost of a full-time lawyer, while receiving the services of international regulated lawyers.

FjM services for companies entering the Russian market

Legal support and protection of the client’s rights and interests in dealing with state authorities, opening representative offices, registering a company, establishing joint ventures/public-private enterprises and facilitating M&A transactions.

FjM services for associated law firms

FjM will become a reliable partner and will undertake the resolution of all legal issues of your clients preparing to enter the Russian market. A substantial experience allows us to understand the needs of the client in the best possible way, effectively solve any task and remove various legal risks of the Russian and foreign companies doing business in Russia by implying effective preventive measures.