Tax Practice

Any entrepreneurial activity usually foresees various property and tax risks. No subject of entrepreneurial activity is guaranteed against the fact that its tax reports, bank statements and other documents will attract an increased attention of tax authorities. On the basis of such documents and documents requested from a taxpayer or from its counterparties a tax authority can detect signs of tax evasion, make additional tax payments and take appropriate enforcement measures.

What can such claims from tax authorities lead to?

•      Loss of taxpayer’s assets to the amount of additional charges (penalties, fines)

•      Non-property consequences in the form of restriction of participation in the procurement of goods, works or services to ensure state or municipal needs until the full repayment of tax arrears

•      Attraction of taxpayer employees to criminal liability under articles 198, 199, 199.1, 199.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

•      Declaration of taxpayer’s bankruptcy

•      Collection of tax debts from persons (subsidiaries, main companies and enterprises) dependent on the taxpayer, as well as from natural persons found guilty of committing crimes under articles 198, 199, 199.1, 199.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

FjM services in tax business support include:

1. Advising on the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes established by the legislation of the Russian Federation

2. Comprehensive tax support within tax audits affecting the accuracy of the calculation and payment of any Russian taxes and fees

3. Participation in interviews of taxpayer"s employees by tax officials

4. Assessment of legality of tax authority requirements on the submission of documents (information) and preparation of draft answers to such requirements

5. Representation of taxpayer\u2019s interests within certain tax control measures conducted by tax authorities (seizure of items and documents, inspection, examination)

6. Analysis of the tax audit act and preparation of draft objections to the act

7. Preparation of appeal to a higher tax authority

8. Preparation and submission of application to the arbitration court (court of general jurisdiction)

9. Representation of taxpayer\u2019s interests in courts of all instances when considering a lawsuit.

How can we help you?

FjM lawyers and attorneys will help a taxpayer to avoid specified negative consequences. Experience and inside and out knowledge of tax inspection procedures and tax litigations allow FjM specialists to speak the same language as tax authorities and successfully build a strategy to protect legitimate business interests in the course of pre-testing analysis, conducting tax inspections and registering their results, challenging non-normative acts of tax authorities, actions and/or inactions of their officials both in higher tax authorities and in courts.