The law firm FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers was founded in 2009 and successfully develops on the territory of the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom, has partners in Europe and Asia providing legal advice and assistance on a wide range of issues.

Our team consists of highly qualified attorneys, lawyers and patent attorneys with the years of experience and necessary knowledge to provide reliable legal protection and legal services in the field of Russian and international law. We have an extensive information and legal base, which is constantly updated in the light of the latest changes and amendments to the legislation.

One of the senior partners and founder of FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers was Timofey Musatov. He was a graduate from the Moscow Lomonosov State University and Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Science. He started his career as a lawyer in 2001 and founded several advocates’ chambers. In 2009 he co-founded FjM and received a Registered Foreign Lawyer status in the Law Society of England and Wales. Timofey’s practice involved complex criminal cases, comprehensive corporate conflicts resolution, corporate legal risk evaluation and creation of strategic legal defence of any business in various jurisdictions. Timofey had enjoyed extensive success in disputes relating to international extradition requests of the Russian citizens in foreign jurisdictions and managed the most complicated cases of the firm.

Alongside his practice as a lawyer, Timofey organised numerous social and cultural projects in Russia and abroad. He was heavily involved in charitable and philanthropic activities, for which he was widely recognised and awarded.

Timofey was a popular and gregarious individual, hugely respected both by friends, colleagues and partners. He unexpectedly passed away in 2020, leaving his friends, colleagues and family with fond memories of his remarkable life.