Protection of clients’ interests in criminal proceedings

The participation of attorney as a defense party is mandatory during criminal proceedings.

An attorney is an independent professional advisor on legal issues having the status of a lawyer and a right to practice advocacy in accordance with a procedure established by the law.


• gives advice and information on legal issues

• draws up applications, complaints, motions and other legal documents

• represents the interests of the client in constitutional, civil, administrative and criminal proceedings, participates in the proceedings as a client’s representative or attorney, takes part in proceedings of an arbitration court and/or international commercial arbitration court

• represents the interests of the client in public authorities, local self-government agencies, public associations and other organizations

• represents the interests of the client in public authorities, courts and law enforcement agencies of foreign states, international judicial bodies, foreign non-state authorities

• participates as a client’s representative in the enforcement proceedings and during the enforcement of criminal penalties

• acts as a client’s representative in tax legal matters.

Right of defense

Everyone is guaranteed a judicial protection of his/her rights and freedoms and has the right of defense in criminal cases. Such right is enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees the protection of rights of suspected persons and defendants by an attorney in criminal matters.

Every detainee, person taken into custody or accused of a crime has the right to get the assistance of a defense attorney from the moment of arrest, detention or charge accordingly.

How can we help you?

FjM lawyers and attorneys act as defense attorneys in criminal proceedings, provide the suspected and accused persons, victims and witnesses with legal protection, represent and defend the interests of clients at any stage of the criminal proceedings such as pre-investigation check, pre-trial investigation, legal representation at first instance, appeal of the judgment at the court of appeal, cassation or supervision.