THURSDAY, 28 FEBRUARY 2019, 11:00, The Athens Bar Association, Akadimias 60, Athens, with the participation of Alexander Vinnik’s lawyers: Zoe Konstantopoulou and Timofey Musatov

Documents and original sources will be demonstrated and distributed at the event

Alexander Vinnik is 39 years old today. He was detained on 25/7/2017 during his vacation in Halkidiki, where he arrived with his wife and children. Alexander has been detained in Greece for more than 19 months, which exceeds the maximum period of 18 months of pre-trial detention established by the Greek Constitution. He is detained without charge by the Greek authorities, without any trial or judgement. The requests for his extradition filed by the US, Russia and France are the only ground for his imprisonment. These requests are accusing him of being a technical specialist of a Bitcoin exchange platform that conducted legal activity that could liberate citizens from the dictate of banks.


Alexander Vinnik, being Russian citizen, gave his immediate consent to be extradited to Russia where his wife (who is suffering from cancer) and two young children of four and seven years old live, being in fact the orphans with parents alive. Both non-appealable court decisions on the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to Russia were issued 16 and 5 months ago, respectively, but the extradition is not made yet by cause of the conflict of requests from the United States and France. Alexander hasn’t any ties or connections with these countries. Moreover, his life will be in danger there, because, as he himself has repeatedly stated, the true reasons for extradition are related to the attempt to turn him into an instrument of info-war between the United States and Russia. The court decision to extradite Alexander Vinnik to the United States was made in December 2017, and the decision to extradite him to France – in December 2018. These decisions were made by the same bench, which previously violated Alexander’s rights, including the right to be heard and the right to translate hearings in the court.


After 88 days of hunger strike, during which Alexander constantly asked for an audience with the Greek Minister of justice, transparency and human rights and demanded respect for his rights, he lost about 30% of his body weight (now Alexander's weight is 57 kg.). His life hangs by a string, because for the past month and a half, despite all the recommendations of experts, different obstacles were created for the planned medical examination of Alexander by competent doctors who weren’t in the hospital to which Alexander was hospitalized. As lately as last Sunday, for the third time, his medical examination was disrupted again and the threat to his life only worsened.


The defense has an intention to make public all the circumstances and documents in the case, showing systematic violations of the right to a fair trial, the right to dignified treatment and the right to life itself, in order to draw the attention of the Greek authorities and human rights organizations to the problems of respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens who are illegally persecuted in the world.