Services to Individuals

FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers specializes in various fields of law and our experience allows us to resolve almost any legal issues, including legal assistance and protection of individuals.

We are able to listen and understand the interests of the client and to find the effective solution to each task.

Our individual approach to every client, focus on result and commitment to ethical and business standards allow us to help clients in different, often not simple, life situations.

The FjM team has a successful experience in supporting transactions with various assets as well as in Russia and abroad, resolution of family and hereditary disputes, taxation issues and many others.

Maintenance of transactions with real estate and other assets

What to look for when buying a property?

When buying a property, in particular an apartment, it is necessary to check the set of documents for the transaction: seller"s authority, sale and purchase agreement, gift deed, certificate of right to inheritance, privatization contract and certificate of state registration of right containing the information on apartment accessory.

When do you need a legal examination of documents?

A legal examination of documents is necessary when entering into a transaction of real estate acquisition in case of any doubt about the subject matter of the transaction (doubts about the seller"s authority, authenticity of documents, power of attorney, extracts, certificates, in the case of underage property owners, inheritance, divorce and other situations).

How can we help you?

FjM lawyers advise on issues of sale and purchase of apartments, houses, land plots and other real estate, carry out legal expertise of documents, represent the interests of the client at the stage of negotiations with contractors, state authorities, privatization of real estate objects, as well as on issues of returning immovable property from another"s disposession, changes in the type and category of permitted use, investment in land plots and real estate.

Strategy of individuals’ asset management 

The complex of asset management services includes the management of individuals" assets in Russia and abroad, taxation issues during purchase of assets (house, land, securities and etc.) in foreign jurisdictions, as well as taxation of wages and other income received in foreign jurisdictions, opening of bank accounts in various jurisdictions, inheritance planning and preparation of accompanying documents.

What are tax consequences when buying property abroad?

Tax consequences arise only for residents of the Russian Federation, i.\u0435. for individuals who are on the territory of Russia for at least 183 calendar days during the reporting calendar year

What objects are subject to taxation?

Revenues from sources in Russia and revenues from sources abroad. A foreign real estate in Russia is not charged by individual property tax. There is the possibility of offsetting the tax paid abroad on the payment of personal income tax in Russia in the presence of a double tax treaty with a specific country.

Tax consequences of registration of foreign real estate on an individual

The income from the rental of real estate abroad is taxed at a rate of 13% in the Russian Federation and may also be taxed by the state where the property is located

What are double tax treaties?

Agreements between states aiming to exclude double taxation of income and property of individuals and legal entities

How can we help you?

1.    Development and optimization of asset ownership structure for individuals

2.    Tax planning

3.    Advising on ownership of assets abroad

4.    Structuring of individual’s assets with due regard to the specifics of the business

5.    Advising on the acquisition of new assets or sale of their part

6.    Advising on investment and financial issues

What else can we do to help you?

FjM lawyers advise on the issues of double taxation and Russian tax resident status in connection with receiving income abroad, foreign assets (including CFC) and accounts (deposits) owning, on issues related to the status of resident and controlling person, developing measures to legalize foreign assets, prepare and submit necessary notifications/reports on foreign accounts, foreign companies, tax planning of real estate taxation, donation and inheritance to Federal Tax Services.

Family disputes

When you need a marriage contract

A marriage contract represents an agreement of persons entering into marriage or an agreement of spouses, which determine the property rights and duties of the spouses in the marriage and/or in the event of its dissolution. A marriage contract is concluded in writing and is subject to notarization.

It is necessary to conclude a marriage contract in order to avoid property disputes, in the event of divorce, during determination of the responsibility of the parties and in other individual cases.

What documents are required for signing and notarization of a marriage contract?

1. Contract in 3 copies

2. Passports of spouses

3. Documents on the property of spouses

4. Birth certificates of children, if any

5. Marriage certificate if the contract is concluded during the marriage

Credit obligations and marriage contract

A spouse is obliged to notify his/her creditor of the conclusion, amendment or dissolution of the marriage contract. If such obligation is not fulfilled, the spouse is responsible for his/her obligations regardless of the content of the marriage contract

Maintenance obligations of family members

1. The legislation establishes that parents are obliged to support their minor children.

2. Employable adult children are obliged to support their disabled parents who need help and take care of them.

3. Spouses are obliged to support each other financially

4. In case of impossibility of minor brothers and sisters in need to receive the maintenance from their parents, they are entitled to receive maintenance from their employable adult brothers and sisters in judicial proceedings.

In what cases can parents be deprived of parental rights?

1. In case of evasion from fulfillment of parental duties, including the malicious evasion from maintenance payment

2. In case of refusal to take the child from the maternity hospital without a clear reason

3. In case of abuse of parental rights

4. In case of child abuse

5. Being sick with chronic alcoholism or drug addiction

6. In case of committing an intentional crime against the life or health of children, other parent and/or spouse

How can we help you?

FjM attorneys provide qualified legal assistance in the event of family disputes, divorce and division of property, recognition of fictitious marriage, marriage separation, preparation of marriage contract and recognition of marriage contract as invalid. One of the most difficult spheres of family law is the relationship between parents and children, FjM attorneys specialize in such matters as collecting child maintenance from parents and vice versa, maintenance for a disabled spouse, restoration of parental rights.

Inheritance issues

Inheritance and grounds for inheritance

The inheritance includes belongings and other property, including property rights and obligations, that belonged to the testator at the date of inheritance release.

The inheritance is carried out by will and by law.

The inheritance by law occurs when and since it is not changed by a will and in some other cases.

About wills

1.     To dispose of property in case of death is possible only by making a will.

2.     A will can be performed in full only by a capable citizen

3.     A will is made personally. It is impossible to make a will by proxy

4.     The execution of a will by proxy is not allowed

5.     The testator has the right, at his own discretion, to bequeath any property to any person, in any way to determine the shares of heirs in the inheritance, to deprive one, several or all of the heirs by law of the inheritance without specifying the reasons for such deprivation.

6.     A will must be made in writing and certified by a notary

Inheritance by law

If a testator did not leave a will, the inheritance of property occurs automatically according to the law in a certain order of the circle of heirs: children, spouses, parents, and then other persons.

According to the law there are eight inheritance priorities. If there are no heirs of the previous priority, the heirs of the next priority determined by the law are called for inheritance.

Is inheritance of intellectual property possible?

It is possible to inherit an intellectual property. To realize the intellectual property rights the heirs must inherit and obtain a certificate of right to inheritance. A notary must be provided with documents confirming the rights of the testator (patents, certificates, extracts from Rospatent registers).

Is it possible to inherit a trademark by several heirs?

The exclusive right to a trademark can be inherited only by one person being an individual entrepreneur, since the right to a trademark cannot belong to an individual according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

How can we help you?

FjM advises and prepares documents for inheritance, explains intestate succession issues, priority, timing and testate succession issues, clarifies complex issues of intellectual property inheritance and conducts legal disputes in this field.