Senior Partner, Attorney

Areas of practice: asset protection, corporate law, criminal law 

We are bound by honour to assist our clients in resolving challenging situations and complicated civil and criminal cases whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards

Senior Partner at FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers Timofey Musatov got his legal education at Lomonosov Moscow State University and Institute of State and Law under the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2001 he started to run his legal practice. From 2002 till 2013 Mr. Musatov hold the position of Chairman of various Moscow Bar Associations. In 2009 Mr. Musatov was awarded the status of a registered foreign lawyer by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales and soon afterwards he founded with partners the FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers LLP.

Timofey has a solid background in conducting complicated criminal cases, complex assessment of corporate conflicts, legal risks of companies and development of a meaningful legal strategy to protect businesses of any scale and in any jurisdiction. Timofey has a successful experience in resolving disputes on the extradition of Russian citizens at the request of foreign law enforcement agencies, representing interests and protecting clients in foreign jurisdictions.


Managing Partner, Solicitor

Areas of practice: corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, asset protection, project financing

There are a lot of tacit possibilities to protect the rights of clients. Our task is to find and use new, more effective methods

Roman has extensive experience advising on mergers and acquisitions for private companies, international joint ventures, venture capital and private equity investment, both for the investors and targets, raising finance (both equity and debt) for start-up companies. Roman’s expertise covers most major industries, such as oil & gas, transport, media, luxury goods, entertainment, information technology, banking, automotive, hotels and leisure, etc. Roman also advises high net-worth individuals on various legal and commercial issues, including setting up business structures and family offices, succession planning, investments, wealth management.

Roman Filatov qualified as a solicitor in 2002. He is a member of the British-Russian Law Association, works closely with the Russian-British Chamber of Commerce and active in the Russian and CIS community in London. In 2009 Mr. Filatov founded with partners the FjM International Solicitors & Lawyers LLP.



Area of practice: criminal law

While dealing with a criminal case one should not only think and analyze its causal links, but also have sympathy towards a person who asked for your advice

Alexander got his law degree at Moscow State Law Academy. He has been practicing his advocacy since 2002. During his professional activity Mr. Markov was a member of different Bar Associations. Currently he holds the position of Attorney and Chairman of one of Moscow Bar Association. 

Mr. Markov has an extensive and profound experience in the following areas:

— criminal defence of any complexity at each stage of a case: pre-investigation check, pre-trial investigation, trials, judgment appeals in appeal, cassation and supervisory authorities as well as vindication;

— full range of legal services and legal entities defence including settlement of criminal, civil, arbitration and administrative cases in relation to the activity of corporate entities, founders, chief executives and employees as well as defence against hostile takeovers.


Senior Associate

Its much harder to see the problem than to solve it as to see the problem you need the imagination while to solve it you just need skills

In 2000 Julia graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University and Institute of State and Law under the Russian Academy of Sciences where she got her degree in jurisprudence. Before joining the FjM Team in 2010 she worked in legal departments at large media and oil companies.

Areas of practice: corporate law, contract law, asset protection, investment projects, in particular, legal support of business establishment and restructuring including registration/acquisition of companies (trusts, funds) under different jurisdictions, formulation of corporate documents (by-laws, statutes, regulations); due diligence of holding structures and development of optimal legal business structure; support of transactions of purchase/sale of shares, particularly with a foreign element, drafting and approval of shareholder agreements, drafting and analysis of various agreements including joint venture agreements, option agreements, loan agreements, agency agreements and license agreements.



Areas of practice: corporate law, asset protection, mergers and acquisitions, legal support of investments (including due diligence), out-of-court conflict settlement, criminal proceedings.

If Adam and Eve had a first-rate attorney, we would be still living in Paradise

Vladislav got his law degree at Vladivostok affiliated branch of the Russian Customs Academy in 2009 and till 2014 he worked as a lawyer. Later, in 2014, Vladislav successfully passed the bar exam and practiced advocacy in various Bar Associations. In 2015 Vladislav joined the FjM team.


Head of Intellectual Property Practice, Russian Patent Attorney, Lawyer

Area of practice: Intellectual property protection

Invent and create! We will do our best to protect your innovations

Kamila has an extensive working experience in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), leading Russian Technical University, InfoWatch Group of Companies, scientific activity and teaching of Russian and international patent law.

Kamila got her law degree at the All-Russian State Tax Academy. She got her additional education at the Academy of World Intellectual Property Organization in Switzerland, International Institute of Management LINK and Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property.

Kamila is an active member of AIPPI, INTA, the Association of Russian Lawyers, business incubator expert for startup projects in Russia and foreign countries and juror of the Russian Startup Rating.

Fields of science and art where Ms. Blagopoluchnaya has an experience of registration of intellectual property objects: IT, robotics, machine tool industry, mechanical engineering, medicine, pharmaceutics etc.


Corporate Administrator

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it

Alexander graduated from the University of Cyprus with the bachelor degree in economics and finance. Alexander is a current member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). His area of expertise includes accounting and audit. Alexander has over 8 years of experience with international and national companies in the field of organisation and management of all areas of accounting and preparation of accounting, management and tax reports. Alexander also has over 4 years of experience in the field of audit, both at the international and national level, including the implementation of a wide range of audit procedures for the metallurgical, mining, pharmaceutical and shipping companies on the basis of IFRS. Before joining the FjM Team he worked in Ernst & Young (Cyprus) LTD and BDO Russia.